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AI-assisted customer experience
across all your touchpoints

A must-have approach when you wish your customers to thrive

Customers interact with companies from different sectors and expect best practices to be cross-industrial. Businesses must look beyond their own industry to understand the benchmarks they are being evaluated against. 

Availability & Responsiveness

People expect interactions with a company through multiple channels to be consistent. 

Yet businesses often need help to facilitate such communication. The AI-assisted approach helps you care for your clients 24/7 and create a silky smooth interaction.


Personalization is a prerequisite for any consumer business, as 56% of clients expect only personalized offers.


Today companies should excite clients with an unorthodox approach to products and services more than ever.


Growing complexity of products along with customers’ tight schedules create demand for self-service options. Let’s make them great.

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Aiforia is a one-stop shop for you to enhance your business with proven, up-to-date AI-solutions.

From automakers to fast-food chains and banks – businesses adopt AI assistants to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Products and services 

AI Strategy Evaluation and Development

AI is an exciting journey for any company. It can also be rather expensive if the proper approach is not identified. We can help you get the most out of modern technologies and secure your success by the best practices we are familiar with.

Voice assistants and smart devices

Innovative devices under your brand will empower your business to stay in touch with customers 24/7 in the comfort of their homes and create a new direct communication channel. Smart speakers, voice controlled TV dongles, smart screens with voice assistants will provide more stickiness and user engagement into your services and products.



We deliver solutions using a wide range of available modules that allow you to introduce AI to your products and tools. Computer Vision, Speech Tech, Natural Language Processing, RecSys, Search Engine, Smart Video Conferencing are just some blocks we have in our arsenal.

Aiforia team is a recognized leader with an excellent track in developing full-stack voice assistants and smart devices.

We cover all five steps of product development:

1. Concept definition 

2. Product design and ID

3. Research and development

4. Production management

5. Go to market and post-launch support


The Team

With 25+ years of the most up to date niche experience in the fields of Machine Intelligence and Speech Technologies in multi-billion corporations, having built several successful voice assisted smart device product lines, we have the essential knowledge and solid vision to bring the new concept of AI-assisted experience to your business. 

What we are good at


Award-winning products implemention

Our team developed and launched several product lines of voice assisted smart devices. Product lines consist of a dozen of various smart devices, including smart speakers, smart displays, set-top boxes and even smart clocks. Devices were recognised to be the best in their categories by the Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award and CES Award in different years.


Smart devices and voice assistants as a business model

We have developed products that are sold in millions. Most of our devices support service and subscription-based business models acting as distribution channels for a number of digital products and services. Our voice assistants have tens of millions of monthly active users, providing better stickiness and retention into our clients' services. Our team can help you develop an innovative business model with a sustainable revenue stream and the highest user engagement. 


Your Voice Assistant

A unique experience in end-to-end creation of sophisticated solutions based on idea of an assisted-user-experience provided by voice assistants. We can create your voice assistant, speaking any language and acting as a navigator in any business domain.


Ad Hoc solutions based on AI

A set of available building blocks in Computer Vision, Speech Tech, Natural Language Processing, RecSys, Search Engine and other allows us to enhance your products and services with AI excellence. Call-centres automation, user personalisation, goods recommendation, enhanced search capabilities over your catalogues are just few examples of areas where we have already helped our clients to boost their capabilities with AI.

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Aiforia in numbers

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