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Aiforia is a one-stop shop for you to enhance your business with proven, up-to-date solutions

Image by Aideal Hwa

Voice assistants and bots

Virtual AI assistant creates a lifelike experience for your client while providing on-demand support and taking the load off your contact center. 

An AI assistant can be a part of any touchpoint: an app, a website, an IVR, a smart device or even your HR sources.

aiforia provides an end-to-end development of voice assistants and integrates available platforms to address your specific business needs.

Natural Language Processing Platform

The NLP platform is a software suite of tools that uses algorithms and techniques to process, understand and generate human language.

Text-to-speech technology 

TTS tech allows computers to generate speech from written text.

Automatic Speech Recognition technology

ASR enables computers to transcribe spoken language into written text.

Smart device based approach  

Branded smart devices such as smart speakers, TV dongles, smart screens and others empower your business to stay in touch with customers 24/7 in the comfort of their homes and create a new direct communication channel.


Form factors for corporate use include smart badges for the in-field staff and voice-managed conference equipment.


From the idea and award-winning product design through hardware architecture and software development to marketing and support – aiforia is a one-of-a-kind team to deliver a turnkey ML strategy to your business. 

AI-enhanced video conferencing 

A turnkey video conferencing service for cloud or on-premise use, stand alone or as an integral part of your digital surface. 

  • Speech recognition and transcription

  • Easy connection

  • In-browser or desktop and mobile apps

  • Unparalleled security

Video content generation

A video-generating platform for corporate use, education, social and many more purposes such as training videos, presentations, news.

Our platform doesn't require any filming, equipment, or editing and is free of charge.

Image by DeepMind
Image by DeepMind

Sky is the limit

AI opens probably the greatest field for imagination to bring the most innovative and creative solutions to your business and products. 


Our product line will let you get a taste of them. 


AI is also extremely customizable – we believe any business area can be improved with artificial intelligence applications.

Check out our services page to learn more.

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